Evan » hello!! still remember me? its been so long since we last chatted. hope all's well with u
author » Kris, Thanks.
kris » I wish for your dad all the success on the operation. Ps take care. Really sad to see our love one going thru the tough crisis...
kris » Smile and you will see rainbow....
author » Oh! Sure the jab works wonder... Felt much better after that. But at a price lor...
kris » Let doc. see butt nvr mind...so long it can cure in no time. Take care! Ha!
author » Hi Magic... Thanks for hopping in. Hope you had enjoyed the tour of this blog...Do pop by often.
Magic » hi...blog hoppin,,,love your entries esp. 'has mum came home?'
Victoria » Wow, I have never seen a moth with such prints, it's very beautiful too!
Victoria » Wow, I have never seen a moth with such prints, it's very beautiful too!
DEF Tong » Hi Thomas/Er Po Drink a small pac of Dom everynight before bedtime and you'll feel recharged in the morning. Alternatively, take the Korean Ginseng on an empty stomach in the morning. Take care!
kris » dear fren, time to brew some tonics and consume bit by bit over time to build up ur strength and energy, to fight the battle ahead! Gd luck!
chatpolka » Vic... Thanks...
Victoria » Hi Thomas, all the best for your future... take heart, am sure your mom is fine where she is
P!NK » I'm watching you
P!NK » I'm watching you
chatpolka » Kris...Thks...More story to come...
chatpolka » Evan...Oh my niece lah...
Evan » wow your daughter's name evan too? lol...
kris » Wish ur dad a speedy recovery!
kris » Nice Music! I like it!
chatpolka » Hi Wak Dojer....Thanks...Do drop by often.
Wak Dojer » cool
chatpolka » Hi Evan... so are you enjoying yourself here at my blog?
Evan » hello juz dropping by to say hi
chatpolka » Hey Kris...Thanks... cheers X3!!
kris » Congrat! Congrat! Your long wait has finally paid off! Cheers!
chatpolka » Doris...Thanks for the blessing. Evan... Do drop by often OK.
Doris » May God's blessing be upon you!
Evan » hi juz blog hopping. nice work.
chatpolka » Sorry lah...Been very busy lor... Sometime wanted to write but too tired to update...Will try to fill in...
kris » Hi Fren! I am back! Why so quiet? No new updates for us? Take care!
Doris » Hi, Visit the doctor if you are still experiencing the tingling and sore sensation.
chatpolka » Just knew you would be there to provide some encouragement. Thanks again.
Kris » New Year New Hope! Continue your search for greener pasture! Gd Luck!
chatpolka » Yeah...Was trying to get the beautiful manager to attend to him...But he ran away with the briefcase... ...So where will u be going?
WW » Me finally going on a holiday!!!...ho...ho...ho...although it's only a 3 days break from workplace...
WW » Rgrding ur extraordinary customer, I'm not sure if u get a lady staff with cute smile to attend to him will be better to ctrl tis kind of situation. He might be jeolous of ur cool cut look=)
WW » Well done, Brother! This is so much better!
chatpolka » Hi...WW...Bet you had a dizzy day reading the jumping page... ...Anyway I have sought out a better program to show my slideshow...Hope you would like them.
WW » Hi friend, trying to read but the screen keeps moving, very annoying, u know. Pls do something.
chatpolka » Pretty Sweetie san, Sodes ne...Been avoiding those stuff. Indeed am too heaty.
Pretty Sweetie,kris » Takumi san,avoid soya bean stuff & chicken. If dry cough, take some bottle bird nest at nite b4 sleep or cod liver oil. Guess u over heat.
chatpolka » Thks Pretty Sweetie...I am getting better now. Just that the cough is still stuck with me...Any recommendation?
Pretty Sweetie » Hello Fren!Quick quick see a doctor n get plenty of rest. U deserved it! Dont forget to take some chinese cooling stuff as well.
chatpolka » Kris, Thanks again for the encouragement. Have been thinking thru' pretty much over the months over lots of issues. Life is not all about work. But how we enjoy it and make the most of it. Isn't it?
kris » Fren, service line is another alternative for you. With your personality and character AND of cos your trademark smile, nothing can stop you EXCEL in this area!
chatpolka » Hi everybody...do leave me a message anytime through "my chatter-box" to keep me in touch. Hope you enjoy and come back for more. Thanks for reading my blog.
chatpolka » Hey Kris, Thanks for the comment. Yes, Life is too short to be worrying over too many many things. Now I have found my new life that I think will give me new direction. It's a whole new world for me.