Entry: Team Broken Up Monday, August 17, 2009

The worst fear for my team has finally happened.
Destruction pursues the great - simply said "jealousy rules".
As my team got stronger each day, the weaker one just felt jealous and try to destruct us by all means through backstabbing, propagandise and office politics.

No matter how hard I fight for the team.
The forces just make use of higher authority to subdue me.
Despite much as I want to and fight back.
There is just no way that I can bend the arm of the authority.

We are torn apart and infiltrate with spies and yes man.
Sad as we are for such unscrupulous and narrow-minded people to do such thing.
Just can't understand what do these peoples gain for doing such unglory thing.
I really think of giving up and move on else where.
Nothing is the same again and the morale is just not there.
Work just don't move on smoothly as before.

Puzzle??? Puzzle??? Puzzle???




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