Entry: Half A Year Passes Thursday, July 02, 2009

Half a year has already gone by.
Just within this half a year, many things had happened.
Dad has been in and out of the hospital so frequent that it's almost like home.
His health condition is going down hill.
Nothing seems to work on him and the symptoms just come and go.
Stays in the hospital is getting longer and longer.
Can only hope for the best.

Happen to know that a former colleague is down with Parkinson's Disease.
She is completely out of her normal self that I used to know.
Lost lots of weight and had to rely on medication to control the sickness.
Age alot and body lost control and tremble when the medication wear out.
Medical cost is just unbelievable.
Can't imagine those whom has no medical insurance and saving.
The saying "Can Die But Cannot Fall Sick" is just so true.

Auntie - ever since her operation is easily infected and run a fever easily.
She has also been in and out of the hospital more often.
Her condition just cannot be determined or traced.
All she can do is bear with it.

Lately, myself hasn't been feeling well too.
Trying to stay as positive as I can be.
With the economy so gloomy, the things happening around me.
All just pull me down even more.
Wonder how long more such situation will last?
How I wish I have a crystal ball to show me the way.




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