Entry: Bleak Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 is a year that look pretty bleak.
With the turmoil in the market, job cutting everywhere, pay cut, heavier expenses....etc
Things just ain't looking to be recovering fast anytime.
Lot of measures need to be taken to tie over this downturn period.
I have to control my spending only on necessities and nothing extravagant this year.
So far I have been very prudent with my spending.

It is high time for me to think hard and anticipate on my next move.
This would be a good time for me to draft out what is my future in the next 5 years.
I have to do that for I would not be any younger in the coming 5 years.
The next move would be for a long term planning so that it would be for life.

No matter how bleak the year gonna be.
Life still goes on.
Need to find my niche and work hard on it to develop my path for the next move.


May 20, 2009   02:50 AM PDT
Hi Thomas,
try to reach you this way. My e-mail for you came back now 4 x. Seemes that Hotmail thinks it is spam. Did you anything change with your account?
Going now on meditation retreat, will be back in June.
Greetings Eckhard
(19.May 2009)

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