Entry: Rounding Up For Year 2008 Saturday, November 29, 2008

Year 2008 has been a happening year for me.
Many things had happened along the way.
Hopefully everything's gonna be for the better in the coming years.

At Work
I have a  good working team with me throughout this year.
They have been giving me a lot of supports and patience.
With the strong bond among the team.
Other teams in the department are just jealous and envy of our team spirit.
They just can't tolerate our great bonding.
They are trying ways and means to break the team.
I've become the No. 1 target of the other team for bringing my team this far.
Luckily my team has gel so well that we have become one.
One for all and all for one.

I am glad the team has tremendously improved in their morale and team spirit for walking through this whole year with me.
When I took over this team their morale were at super low due to previous superior they had for demoralising them.
It has been a great achievement for me being able to boost their morale and bringing them from a lack lustre team to a superstar team.
In term of output we are the best.
In term of quality we are the best.
In term of cooperation we are the best.
In term of work and play we are the best.

For I have been fighting the right for the team.
Boss has become unhappy with me.
Namely favouritism and unfair treatment has been in place.
This is something that I would not tolerate.
My team has been working double hard but they are not being treated well.
Emphasis and attention are placed on other teams.
The best are given to other teams and nothing or only leftover for my team.

I have walked this far and there is so much that I can do.
At time I am just getting a little too tired with it.
My fire continues to burn but how much longer???
I have no answer to this question.

At Home
Dad's health has been a roller coaster for this year.
It's been up and down.
One moment he look and feel better.
The next moment he become frail and sick.
I can only hope for the best.
There's also so much that I can do.
My saving has been drawn into his medical expenses for this year.
Just have to be more discreet in my own spending in the coming years.

On Health
Since I had a little injury to my back in early June.
I have been recupperating and slower in pushing myself at the gym.
Has observed a little drop in my health condition as compared to the beginning of the year.
Has also put on a little weight too due to moderating my exercises.
I think it is about time for me to get back in action and in shape too...:)

In The Future
With the financial crisis happening at the wrong time.
I just can't stop to think about the future.
What's installed for me in the future???
I really have no idea at this point of time with the market this bad.
But I do have plans for myself.
Whether my plan will materialise will depend on how fast the market can recover.
Probably I have to work on my backup plan to push forward my original plan a little bit more.

For Travel
For travelling - I think I just have to go on a lesser budget for next year.
Probably I will do more shoestring travel than luxury travel.
That will also prepare me for my long term plan in going round the world on a shoestring budget.
Will take this as an experiential learning for the world tour.


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