Entry: Achieving Target Monday, May 05, 2008

To date I have achieved my target for this year for my weight reduction.

Have given myself a target of reducing a minimum of 5kg within Year 2008.

By far I have already reduced between 7 to 8 kg till then and down 4 sizes.

Most importantly my body fat mass has gone from very unhealthy overfat to healthy range now.

Within the period of 5 months is an amazing feat that I have never ever achieved before.

All these years I have been doing crash diet and exercising hard to reduce weight.

But it has never seem to be able to bring it down to my desire target.

It just yo-yo along the line and worst still it actually tip the scale after the reduction.

This time round the reduction is for real and it never did come back and by far is still reducing.

Of course this time round I have adopt a different strategy.

Instead of crash diet I have been eating healthily and working out religiously.

I am keeping a journal of every moment of this experience that I am going through.

So far many friends and colleague has already seen a great change in me.

In term of slimming down and growing more healthier each day.

I have been hanging most of my old clothing and buying some new to replace.

As the old one are just too large to fill my size now.

Pants size have gone from XL to M and shirt or t-shirt has gone from XL to L or M.

I just never believe I could have done that.

But I am not dreaming it's for real and I am planning to write a book about this journey and to help those that would need help in reducing weight too.

Have been reciting recipes to family, friends, colleagues and even some stranger that I happen to meet during my workout.

The recipes is the key in helping me to reduce weight so I am also working on a diet recipe cook-book.

Just being very happy with my current self but I am challenging myself on the next lap of my target. Keeping this a secret for the moment and hoping to see result next year.

Tune in for more update.


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