Entry: Down & Out Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally I am down and out for almost a week.
Was down with a flu viral attack.
It had caught me by surprise.
Put me into a spin and completely out for a few days.
Was like a zoombie for that few days.
Feeling just helpless but to see my fever running better than the "bull run".
It went from normal to 38.6 C and back to 37.8 C.
Then on the alternate day it again sped up to 39 C.
Sponging myself every night to try to get the fever down.
Because it only happen during the middle of the night.
Every night was like sleeping one hour and awaken on the next.

What an experience!!!!!
Anyway I survive the ordeal.....

However it's not all cure by now.
Fever had subsided but leave me with the killer cough and sore-throat.
Slowly I am nursing the throat and have to take time to cure my cough.
As that's my killer.... That could take me month to get cure.
It's been a long long time that I fall sick ever since I started my regime.
So I suppose it's a periodical maintenance for my body to build the resistant.
Well.... I will get well soon!!!


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