Entry: Thoughts for Feb Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yet another months is almost gone.
Many things have happened but only the good one...
Very glad that Dad is on his way to recovery.
Hope to see him stand up again and have his health back.
Been very tedious over the last year.
Can understand his frustration and despair toward his own health.
But seeing the new hope in his face and things starts to brighten up;
It does give me the encouragement that every effort was well spent for last year.

I'm in the pink of my own health.
Just had a quick check with my family doctor on my health.
Everything looks good and healthy.
All the effort spent working out and pushing myself out of the couch is well worth.
In the meantime, with the healthy diet that I'm adopting.
It is giving me all the benefits without any doubt about the diet.
Fats had definitely got squeeze out of my "spare tyre".
Weight is definitely reducing in the healthy range.
By far I've lost almost 5kg and hoping to reduce more to maintain a good shape.
It's just in a matter of 2 over months.
I did not go on a crash diet or neither on a hunger diet.
In fact on a regular meal basis with modification to the way and things I ate.
Just simple as that.
Though it's a little hesistant about it initially but seeing the result spur me on.
By the way "The Blind Mice" are all on the same diet and see tremendous result.
All have seen a great reduction in weight and shape in the shortest period.
Good to see that we are getting more health conscious and sticking to it.
Cheers to Good Health........


Name Mike Ang
March 2, 2008   11:10 PM PST
Hey Friend!
What's this wonderful diet you are on?
Please share..... i have been putting on the lbs due to the new baby. No time for workout.
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