Entry: 2007 Recollection & 2008 Moving Forward Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 had been a eventful year for me.
So many things happened with a series of events.

At work was a mess in the beginning of the year.
With the baseless accusation by the stupid dumb dumb.
Which causes a big uproar of event.
Making my life so difficult at work.
Then causes me to loose the opportunity to a new posting.
After that still carry out lots of farcical propaganda about me.
Anyway I am letting the matter to rest in 2007 and moving forward to 2008.
I will look for new opportunity to seek a better life when available.
Knowing age will be a setback for me
But I'm going to win the situation with experience.
Hopefully it's not just my wishful thinking.
Need to have confident with myself........ (Pat my shoulder).....SmileWink

At home was a whole lot of event with Dad being in & out of hospital.
He was in and out of the hospital so many times
That I had forgotten which time was for which event.
Merely can only remembered the few cases only.
Most important are the one that he got infected and had to be operated.
Then there's another one that I was away on vacation recently.
He got admitted again and on the verge of another operation.
Luckily the infection is subsiding with the medication.
Hopefuly that he will be on the way to a good recovery in 2008.

In life for 2007 had been very low profile.
Didn't had much time left for myself.
Only had the time for a vacation last month.
But the vacation was shortened with Dad being warded.
Although the vacation may be short but had a good rest though.
Didn't manage to fulfill a few resolutions in 2007 due to the eventful year.
Couldn't have enough time to tidy up my thoughts for 2007.
As my vacation was shortened so had set a very simple resolution for 2008.
Won't be expecting myself very much for 2008.
Will see that it's gonna work out fine.

For friendship - I am pretty lucky to have a bunch of bosom friends.
They had been very understanding toward me.
I know I had been neglecting them a lot in 2007.
But no matter how at anytime they would just drop me a word of encouragement.
That had been the best than any medicine that I could have.
It just spurred me on to appreciate life more positively.
Hopefully I can make up to them in 2008.

For my health - Has been improving.
2007 had been a year of pushing myself hard to get out of the couch.
Health wasn't really good then due to too many happening events.
Was eating all unhealthy junks and make me sick all the time.
Embarking on improving my health was the right choice.
With the family history of chronic illnesses.
I don't wanna follow in the same footstep.
Treasuring my health is the most important thing to do.
By having my health I can have anything else.
Without which what's the point of having lots of money or whatever???
Health has been constantly improving since getting off the couch.
Will anticipate more effort into maintaining my health for 2008.
Have been going on a healthy diet starting 2008.
Can't wait to see a new change or a good make over for myself....Big SmileTongue

Investment had been up and down in 2007.
Good time and bad time.
Manage to reap a good profit to pay off my house in 2007.
At the same time due to some bad investment still in paper lose.
Hopefully will see some light in 2008 to clean up the paper lose.
Had been reading up much on investment to make my $ work had for me.
Looking at long term I wanna live comfortably.
Hence I would need to make sure I have enough to last me that long.
Looking at mid term I have to make sure I can have a good income.
Looking at short term I must make sure that $ will come in fast.
Have re-evaluted my investment strategies for 2008.
As it may be a topsy & turvy situation in investment.
Hence will place extra care in investment for 2008.

Looking forward to 2008 and hoping for the best to come.


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