Entry: End Of Year 2007 Soon...iai Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a flip of the eyes and it's nearing the end of Year 2007.
Time really flies.
Wonder what I had achieved this year?
Really beats me this year.
Things just happen so fast this year that I don't have a good memory of it.
Need to do an account of my achievement and failure soon.
And to reflect on all the lapses that I had missed out.
Work out a new plan for Year 2008.

Of course one thing that I have to admit is the time.
Have lost much of my time this year.
Will never be able to get it back.
But I must say time really wait for no man.
It's already near the last month of the year.
What's next?
It'll be a new year soon.
Must catch hold of the new year to start everything afresh.
Wishing a good turnout for next year.

Two more weeks and it'll be a good time for hiatus...
Rest & Relax to rejuvenate for next year.


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