Entry: I Knew It !!!!! Friday, August 17, 2007

I knew it.... I just knew it!!!!!
That petty scumbag is nasty enough to resort to such a dirty trick.
I predicted this to happen...
But was even more disappointed and loose my respect for the cohort.
Anyway this time I'm not going to be humiliated and loose my dignity again.
I'll fight back for my right!!!!!

Peeps..... I suppose all of you don't know what I'm mumbling about, right?
Still remember I said before I'm awaiting for the result of an internal interview?
Read (Things Ain't Right)
The saga started with my Lesson In Life.

During the tussle with that petty scumbag (Ex-Boss).
I had actually ask the Big Boss for transfer.
The undecisive Big Boss was trying to delay the issue by not giving me an answer.
Hence, I just suffer in silence to patiently await for his answer.

While waiting for the unknown answer????
Another department (B) had actually approached me and wanted me to go over.
Since the scumbag don't know how to treasure me so I thought why not.
And that department (B) was where I wanted to be.
The dept head whom approach me said she had to first seek her boss approval.

Who knows a few day later, that scumbag pick a fight.
And he march me into the Big Boss office to force me to leave the section.
The Big Boss in co-hort with that scumbag make me leave the section.
Putting me into another section where someone had just left.
A quick and easy way for the Big Boss to solve his problem.
I accepted the humiliation and went over with my head high.
Met New Boss.

Then, the good news came.
Department (B) told me that they are most willing to arrange for an interview.
Didn't want to let the New Boss down and make him feel betrayed.
I told the New Boss about the whole Department (B) issue.
He was very understanding and willing to let me go if I am accepted.
He will not plan anything for me until I get the result.
Submitted my resume and was arranged for the interview.
Everything went on well and the Department (B) Manager was very happy with me.
He even commented on my knowledge and excellent experience.
With that I have a very high confident of getting the deal.
Was told that I do not have to worry of anything and will be told of the result soon.

Patiently waited..... One month past...... No news......
My heart start to sink a little and got a little worried.
Thought it would be courteous of me to just drop an email to ask about it.
I got no reply......
New Boss asked me about the result..... It's "?" to me?
My heart sank even further...........
Then I met dept (B) head and ask about how I had fare in the interview.
Was told should be hearing from the Management soon.
That re-ignite my fire again..........

Again.... I patiently waited..... Another month had past.... Still no news.
Now my heart really sank.
Anyway I owe New Boss an answer about the result.
He was away for reservist so I took the chance to probe around for answer.
Still couldn't find any answer.
1) The HR personnel whom interviewed me was away for a month.
2) Email to the HR Manager - No reply.
3) Ask Dept (B) head - told to refer to HR.
New Boss came back from reservist and I still couldn't give him an answer.
Felt really bad.
Just have to be frank with New Boss.
When he heard my encounter -
He was kind enough to say that he will find out for me.

Next day he went to the HR Manager.
To his surprise the answer was all the while there.
It's just that they don't know how to reveal to me.

HR Manager told New Boss that
I had actually been accepted for the deal.
Just that Big Boss will not release me.
When ask about the reason by New Boss.
Do you know what is the creative reason given?????
The f%#$@^* petty scumbag was behind all this delay.
He complain to Big Boss he lost manpower?
Why New Boss needed manpower and still wanted to release me.
Is it all a conspiracy between me and
New Boss?
I will set a bad example for all his other subordinates to follow suite.
I was like scratching my head????
What the hell is this - still trying to frame me???
Why don't he go pee in his own face and see it for himself???
Why his subordinates all wanted to leave his section???
Please lah.... Wake up his own idea.
If he's the people person like
New Boss.
Do you think all his subordinates will want to leave???

What genius idea that scumbag can come up with.

I felt really sorry for
New Boss.
Getting him into this mess.
And the stupid Big Boss think that New Boss is trying to stir the issue now.
I have no more respect for the Big Boss.
I don't think he deserve the respect anymore.

Now that this issue had been kicked up.
Last saw an email past midnight that a discussion would be held.
To discuss this saga next Wed between HR Manager, Big Boss and myself.
If they are going to kick up a fuss.
This time round I am not going to suffer in silent once more.
I will fight for my dignity and right.
Here we go...Ale...Ale...Ale...


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