Entry: Super Busy Sunday, July 22, 2007

OMG....Had been super busy over the last few days.
So many things to do and happen all almost at the same time.

New Boss was on reservist so helping the seniors to coordinate works.
As he will be away over three weeks period.
Had to help out due to manpower shortages over the three weeks.
Woking a little extra to help clear the load and meet the target.

Friend's father passed on so went over to condole.

Had to meet agents to discuss on my new investment.
Was talking to them on my new requirement and needs.
So that they can work out the investment plan for me.
Got all of that done within two evening.
A few new investments are in force now.
So now I have to monitor them to see the progress initially.
Just to make sure that the $$$ invested is really working for me.
Short term may not see the effect but looking at mid term and long term.
Next is to await the earlier return-on-investment to be credited.
So that I can get the housing loan settled.
Then I am down with 1 debt free planning.
More to come.
Can't afford to live on debt - pretty dangerous these days.
But the commercial world just try to get all of us into debt.
Leveraging may be a way for some or many.
But this tool has to be used careful.
If not careful then can get ones into big trouble also.

Next thing to work out is my old age fund............
Am I that OLD yet?????? WinkTongueSurpriseShockedSmile
Nah... Just trying to plan a little further to make sure I have enough to retire.
Also to make sure that I can retire without having to worry about 3 meals.
And still benefit to enjoy a carefree life.
Am I thinking too far away??????

Then there were some home related and personal issues pops up.
Tried to have them settled within the shortest possible time.
Manage to get them all almost settled.
There are still few issues bugging me.
Hopefully can get them settled next week.

Phew!!! I am all drain out.
I must take a rest to energise.
Or else there are two more weeks ahead to be busy with work.
Had been missing out on all my SMS's, emails, missing calls etc.
Will try to review them all and start getting back to them.

Still awaiting for my interview result.
Don't know what happen to it?
Was told being reviewed and it's already more than a month now.
Has it been trash or is it still in KIV?
I don't know??????
Really don't know who's suppose to make the decision now.
(Another failure in the system in this co.)
Probably I'll be more proactive by going to the HR and ask about it.
If it had been trash then I can concentrate on what I'm suppose to be doing.
If it is still in KIV then how long more have I to wait?
I need an answer to this.
As I still owe New Boss an answer on this.
(Did inform him about this application and he's been supportive)
That's why he can't plan for my job right now.

Well....Busy week ahead.


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