Entry: Time To Harvest Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I think it is about time to harvest my strawberry.
Will harvest those that have ripen soon.
Will do it tomorrow.

My neigbours are complimenting my strawberry too....Big SmileSmileBig SmileSmile
So proud of them.

Also it is time to harvest some of my investment.
Have just got my agent (sis) to work out my investment.
In order to reap some profit first before the market get too hot.
Will clear out my housing first with the profit.
Then, will sow more investment at the right price and right moment.
In a way to get her going.
At the same time help myself with a bigger retirement fund...Wink

Good to see her pulling up her sock after "adviced" by me.
Now she had shown a good attitude and improvement in finding her own path.
Working hard full time and wanted to keep a few more jobs to save more.

Dazzy-----Dreaming-----About my retirement fund now.....
Not forgetting my round-the-world tour........AngelWinkAngelTongue
Oh..Oh..also not forgetting - Three-Blind-Mice - Ten Year Tour....Tongue


Name Martha
July 17, 2007   06:28 PM PDT
hey, keep one strawberry for me pse? when's our 10 year trip to HK again?
U seem happier, i'm glad. also glad to hear sis is well n working hard.
July 18, 2007   12:41 AM PDT
Sure... Will keep one strawberry for you.

As for Three-Blind-Mice - Ten Year Trip... That will be when Doris is on pension and it's only three years from now...

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