Entry: Things Ain't Right.... Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When things seem to be on the wrong side of the bed.
Everything else just don't get right.
Everything that I do or did just don't get done smoothly.
Is it a psychological effect or is it a Dilbert effect?
I don't know.
Everything just not in my favour.

One last thing that I am still hoping to get it right is my last interview result.
Yet to hear anything after the interview.
But am hoping that things will turn out in my favour.
For I have been longing to get into this position.
So that I can have another profile to add on.
And it could lead me to a better prospect.
Probably it could be my next career advancement.

Positively thinking of it to happen.............................


July 5, 2007   11:49 PM PDT
So much blogs in the last time. You must really be in turmoil.
Keep up, fight through! Things will change soon.

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