Entry: Another Lesson In Life Saturday, June 09, 2007

This week hasn't been a great week in life.
For I have learn another important lesson in life.
It is not a very pleasant lesson but I think it is a good lesson.
I have now understand this Chinese proverb clearly.

人不为己 天诛地灭
(Literally translated: One has to safeguard & do for the sake of oneself else one will suffer eternal perdition)
I now believe how true this is.

For two over years I have been unconditionally giving my best.
Not for the sake of myself but with a gratitude for having a job.
With the thanks for providing me a job when I needed it most.
I put in time and effort to help build the system.
Try to improve the strain relationship that Boss had with all the staffs.
All because of his temperamental behaviour.
Everytime he throw his unreasonable temper or tantrum on the staffs.
I would try to be the middleman to help mend the relationship between them.
By putting in a good word for him so that the working environment is not strain.
Time and time again he took it for granted that he is always right.
His behaviour is getting from bad to worst.
I have been keeping the lowest profile of all.
For I understand and know his characteristic so try to avoid a clash.

But this week has been bad that he's trying to provoke me.
Yelling and scolding at me over a distance of 100m away.
For problem that wasn't even my fault and of which I try to help solve.
Which was actually his own doing.
Everyone around the circumference or range was looking at me with a stare.
It really make me feel bad and not knowing where to put my face.
People that don't know had thought what I had done wrong.
At that moment I rationally stomach the humiliation and get the problem solve.
Got the problem solved for Him and was waiting at least a word of Thanks.
Not a single word but still with a sulky face and no action of remorse.

That had me on fire now.
I can't stomach this humiliation just like that.
For I have my dignity too.
I march straight into Big Boss office asking for a fair verdict on this.
Told Big Boss that I would prefer for a transfer to make my life better.
Just can't take this kinda temperamental behaviour anymore.
(Anyway his tempermental is a known fact to Big Boss for a long time).
Not once for such humiliation but many smaller one that I can forgive.
Big Boss said he would look into the matter.

Went on two days of rest days.
Came back to work.
Nothing seem to happen so I took it as usual.
But Boss attitude toward me had changed.
Been a little hostile and the words are little heavier.
I didn't want to pick a fight on all this petty little action.
So had been ignoring his petty behaviour.
Things got bad when he found some small issue to pick a challenge on me.
It is just that he didn't have me to explain the situation and again jump the gun.
(Again I wasn't in the wrong - it's just that someone didn't pass my message).
His conclusion is that I am not interested in working here so get the hell out of his section.

He march me with him to Big Boss office.
I know things have sour this time.
Even before I could say anything -
Big Boss give me a utterly disappointed decision.
"Things had come to this state, I think I will transfer you to XX section because someone had just resigned....."
What the hell is all this about?
(Hey! You idiots just didn't care about my feeling....)
I ask Big Boss, " Now what have I done wrong and the table seem to have overturn?"
"It is now as though I am the problematic one in this tussle?"
Big Boss just try to avoid this question by giving lame excuses,
"I am not good at words....blah blah blah....I think it is good for you since you ask for a transfer....blah blah blah....".
"I am not saying or thinking whose right or wrong but let's not strain the relationship here.....Let's continue to work as a team...."
Oh my ass! What nonesense is this? Now I am totally victimise.
Where's my dignity?
(By the way)
The damn ass Boss was sitting beside with that none remorseful attitude.
Said a word or two...
"It is my management style....blah blah blah.....".
"Since you ask for a transfer, permission granted immediately...."

THIS IS UTTERLY DISAPPOINTMENT AND DISGRACE.........................................

Anyway I am alright.....Nothing will make me fall anymore.
I have grown stronger over these years.
This is just only a little setback.
I will take it and I will learn this good lesson in life.
Will put this new lesson in another chapter of my life.
I will rise again.
And when I rise I will be walking even taller than before.
I will make sure the midget will have to look up on me.
I am not into any revenge for sure but prove myself.
I can be even better than what they think I am.


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