Entry: Dad's Health Sunday, May 27, 2007

Got back home after visited Dad and had dinner with him.
His health is deteriorating by the days.
It is detriorating at a rate that is faster than I thought it would be.
From his outlook I can see that he is loosing lots of weights.
Especially over these two weeks when he is unwell.
Not only I am seeing that - even aunt is saying that too.
(She happen to visit Dad today)
The nurse is observing that too when I fetch him for his review.

Since he was warded the last few weeks ago.
Eversince he came home from the hospital.
He is getting weaker and weaker each day.
Now he needs the support of others to move around at time.
Getting up from the sitting or sleeping position seem tougher.
He needed more time and effort to do it.
As he has been complaining of giddiness and nausea.
That could be due to low blood pressure which I suspect.
Probably the anti-biotic that he had been taking weaken his system.
Would love to see him improve in his health by staying optimistic.
But the reality isn't as optimistic.
He himself has been setting negativity mindset.
Has been sprouting lots of negative remarks lately.
That isn't going to help him - instead will do more harm.

I am just crossing my finger and praying hard for his recovery.


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