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Monday, August 17, 2009
Team Broken Up

The worst fear for my team has finally happened.
Destruction pursues the great - simply said "jealousy rules".
As my team got stronger each day, the weaker one just felt jealous and try to destruct us by all means through backstabbing, propagandise and office politics.

No matter how hard I fight for the team.
The forces just make use of higher authority to subdue me.
Despite much as I want to and fight back.
There is just no way that I can bend the arm of the authority.

We are torn apart and infiltrate with spies and yes man.
Sad as we are for such unscrupulous and narrow-minded people to do such thing.
Just can't understand what do these peoples gain for doing such unglory thing.
I really think of giving up and move on else where.
Nothing is the same again and the morale is just not there.
Work just don't move on smoothly as before.

Puzzle??? Puzzle??? Puzzle???



Posted at 10:43:39 pm by chatpolka
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Thursday, July 02, 2009
Half A Year Passes

Half a year has already gone by.
Just within this half a year, many things had happened.
Dad has been in and out of the hospital so frequent that it's almost like home.
His health condition is going down hill.
Nothing seems to work on him and the symptoms just come and go.
Stays in the hospital is getting longer and longer.
Can only hope for the best.

Happen to know that a former colleague is down with Parkinson's Disease.
She is completely out of her normal self that I used to know.
Lost lots of weight and had to rely on medication to control the sickness.
Age alot and body lost control and tremble when the medication wear out.
Medical cost is just unbelievable.
Can't imagine those whom has no medical insurance and saving.
The saying "Can Die But Cannot Fall Sick" is just so true.

Auntie - ever since her operation is easily infected and run a fever easily.
She has also been in and out of the hospital more often.
Her condition just cannot be determined or traced.
All she can do is bear with it.

Lately, myself hasn't been feeling well too.
Trying to stay as positive as I can be.
With the economy so gloomy, the things happening around me.
All just pull me down even more.
Wonder how long more such situation will last?
How I wish I have a crystal ball to show me the way.



Posted at 12:03:30 am by chatpolka
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Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 is a year that look pretty bleak.
With the turmoil in the market, job cutting everywhere, pay cut, heavier expenses....etc
Things just ain't looking to be recovering fast anytime.
Lot of measures need to be taken to tie over this downturn period.
I have to control my spending only on necessities and nothing extravagant this year.
So far I have been very prudent with my spending.

It is high time for me to think hard and anticipate on my next move.
This would be a good time for me to draft out what is my future in the next 5 years.
I have to do that for I would not be any younger in the coming 5 years.
The next move would be for a long term planning so that it would be for life.

No matter how bleak the year gonna be.
Life still goes on.
Need to find my niche and work hard on it to develop my path for the next move.

Posted at 1:09:47 pm by chatpolka
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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Rounding Up For Year 2008

Year 2008 has been a happening year for me.
Many things had happened along the way.
Hopefully everything's gonna be for the better in the coming years.

At Work
I have a  good working team with me throughout this year.
They have been giving me a lot of supports and patience.
With the strong bond among the team.
Other teams in the department are just jealous and envy of our team spirit.
They just can't tolerate our great bonding.
They are trying ways and means to break the team.
I've become the No. 1 target of the other team for bringing my team this far.
Luckily my team has gel so well that we have become one.
One for all and all for one.

I am glad the team has tremendously improved in their morale and team spirit for walking through this whole year with me.
When I took over this team their morale were at super low due to previous superior they had for demoralising them.
It has been a great achievement for me being able to boost their morale and bringing them from a lack lustre team to a superstar team.
In term of output we are the best.
In term of quality we are the best.
In term of cooperation we are the best.
In term of work and play we are the best.

For I have been fighting the right for the team.
Boss has become unhappy with me.
Namely favouritism and unfair treatment has been in place.
This is something that I would not tolerate.
My team has been working double hard but they are not being treated well.
Emphasis and attention are placed on other teams.
The best are given to other teams and nothing or only leftover for my team.

I have walked this far and there is so much that I can do.
At time I am just getting a little too tired with it.
My fire continues to burn but how much longer???
I have no answer to this question.

At Home
Dad's health has been a roller coaster for this year.
It's been up and down.
One moment he look and feel better.
The next moment he become frail and sick.
I can only hope for the best.
There's also so much that I can do.
My saving has been drawn into his medical expenses for this year.
Just have to be more discreet in my own spending in the coming years.

On Health
Since I had a little injury to my back in early June.
I have been recupperating and slower in pushing myself at the gym.
Has observed a little drop in my health condition as compared to the beginning of the year.
Has also put on a little weight too due to moderating my exercises.
I think it is about time for me to get back in action and in shape too...:)

In The Future
With the financial crisis happening at the wrong time.
I just can't stop to think about the future.
What's installed for me in the future???
I really have no idea at this point of time with the market this bad.
But I do have plans for myself.
Whether my plan will materialise will depend on how fast the market can recover.
Probably I have to work on my backup plan to push forward my original plan a little bit more.

For Travel
For travelling - I think I just have to go on a lesser budget for next year.
Probably I will do more shoestring travel than luxury travel.
That will also prepare me for my long term plan in going round the world on a shoestring budget.
Will take this as an experiential learning for the world tour.

Posted at 5:15:52 am by chatpolka
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Great Improvement

Was with Dad for his physio-therapy earlier.

Seen a great improvement after almost half a year of training.

He's capable of standing firm on his feet now.

I think in no time he should be able to go on his own.

Feeling very happy and contended for the result I seen today.

I'm glad all the time and effort are not wasted in pushing him on.

Posted at 11:26:02 pm by chatpolka
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Monday, May 26, 2008
Before & After

                         Before                                                       After

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting     Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Above are pictures of me before any workout & diet and after a year of workout & diet.


Posted at 7:44:12 pm by chatpolka
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Monday, May 05, 2008
Achieving Target

To date I have achieved my target for this year for my weight reduction.

Have given myself a target of reducing a minimum of 5kg within Year 2008.

By far I have already reduced between 7 to 8 kg till then and down 4 sizes.

Most importantly my body fat mass has gone from very unhealthy overfat to healthy range now.

Within the period of 5 months is an amazing feat that I have never ever achieved before.

All these years I have been doing crash diet and exercising hard to reduce weight.

But it has never seem to be able to bring it down to my desire target.

It just yo-yo along the line and worst still it actually tip the scale after the reduction.

This time round the reduction is for real and it never did come back and by far is still reducing.

Of course this time round I have adopt a different strategy.

Instead of crash diet I have been eating healthily and working out religiously.

I am keeping a journal of every moment of this experience that I am going through.

So far many friends and colleague has already seen a great change in me.

In term of slimming down and growing more healthier each day.

I have been hanging most of my old clothing and buying some new to replace.

As the old one are just too large to fill my size now.

Pants size have gone from XL to M and shirt or t-shirt has gone from XL to L or M.

I just never believe I could have done that.

But I am not dreaming it's for real and I am planning to write a book about this journey and to help those that would need help in reducing weight too.

Have been reciting recipes to family, friends, colleagues and even some stranger that I happen to meet during my workout.

The recipes is the key in helping me to reduce weight so I am also working on a diet recipe cook-book.

Just being very happy with my current self but I am challenging myself on the next lap of my target. Keeping this a secret for the moment and hoping to see result next year.

Tune in for more update.

Posted at 9:15:42 pm by chatpolka
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Monday, April 14, 2008
Down & Out

Finally I am down and out for almost a week.
Was down with a flu viral attack.
It had caught me by surprise.
Put me into a spin and completely out for a few days.
Was like a zoombie for that few days.
Feeling just helpless but to see my fever running better than the "bull run".
It went from normal to 38.6 C and back to 37.8 C.
Then on the alternate day it again sped up to 39 C.
Sponging myself every night to try to get the fever down.
Because it only happen during the middle of the night.
Every night was like sleeping one hour and awaken on the next.

What an experience!!!!!
Anyway I survive the ordeal.....

However it's not all cure by now.
Fever had subsided but leave me with the killer cough and sore-throat.
Slowly I am nursing the throat and have to take time to cure my cough.
As that's my killer.... That could take me month to get cure.
It's been a long long time that I fall sick ever since I started my regime.
So I suppose it's a periodical maintenance for my body to build the resistant.
Well.... I will get well soon!!!

Posted at 8:49:23 pm by chatpolka
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Thursday, February 28, 2008
Thoughts for Feb

Yet another months is almost gone.
Many things have happened but only the good one...
Very glad that Dad is on his way to recovery.
Hope to see him stand up again and have his health back.
Been very tedious over the last year.
Can understand his frustration and despair toward his own health.
But seeing the new hope in his face and things starts to brighten up;
It does give me the encouragement that every effort was well spent for last year.

I'm in the pink of my own health.
Just had a quick check with my family doctor on my health.
Everything looks good and healthy.
All the effort spent working out and pushing myself out of the couch is well worth.
In the meantime, with the healthy diet that I'm adopting.
It is giving me all the benefits without any doubt about the diet.
Fats had definitely got squeeze out of my "spare tyre".
Weight is definitely reducing in the healthy range.
By far I've lost almost 5kg and hoping to reduce more to maintain a good shape.
It's just in a matter of 2 over months.
I did not go on a crash diet or neither on a hunger diet.
In fact on a regular meal basis with modification to the way and things I ate.
Just simple as that.
Though it's a little hesistant about it initially but seeing the result spur me on.
By the way "The Blind Mice" are all on the same diet and see tremendous result.
All have seen a great reduction in weight and shape in the shortest period.
Good to see that we are getting more health conscious and sticking to it.
Cheers to Good Health........

Posted at 12:53:41 pm by chatpolka
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Everybody's Birthday (人日)

Today is the birthday for every single human soul on earth.
It's called Ren Ri (人日).
This is the day celebrated by all Chinese around the world.
Seventh day of the Lunar Month. Ren Ri (人日)

Traditionally, this is the day to feast on Seven Varieties of Vegetables
To symbolise a prosperous and abundance year ahead.
However, in Singapore the tradition had been shifted to a more commercial scene.
On this very day, people will feast on Yusheng (鱼生) with various other dishes.
鱼生 is a symbolic term for the business minded people with the intention to prosper.
By tossing the seven or more types of vegetables with slices of raw fish.
The higher it's tossed the better and luckier in the coming years ahead.
Hence, it has become a norm now in Singapore to have 鱼生 every Lunar New Year.

Posted at 11:52:31 pm by chatpolka
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