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Monday, October 29, 2007

Went for breakfast at the hawker centre.
While having my food.
Happen to overheard the market aunties and uncles complaints.
They are complaining the rise of daily produces.
Everything seems to be on the rise and the pay just stay stagnant.
Now $1 just buy nothing.
Flour prices on the rise, eggs on the rise, foodstuff on the rise,......
Nothing seems not to be on the rise.

The hawkers are increasing prices too.
Now you don't see $2 on the price list for some.
Minimum price $2.50 or $3.00.
How not to complain about the inflation?
Living standard is just getting out of hand these days.
Look like I also have to start my strict budgeting soon.
Otherwise how to survive such high inflation.

The authories have been saying rise 1 cents, 2 cents...
Won't hurt much.
But do an accummulation for everything and by months and years.
Then you will see how much effects on our pocket.
Bus fares rises, MRT fares rises, Oil price rises, Housing rental rises,....
Every rise is not just 1 cent or 2 cents...
It's in term of 10 cents or even more.

Please tell me what's not on the rise?

Posted at 12:04:02 pm by chatpolka
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Monday, October 08, 2007
I'm Back

Haven't been blogging for a while.
Been very busy with many many things.
Will be in and out of blogging for a while till things settle down.

Been sick for a while too.
Was down with running nose and sore-throat for a while.
Running nose got better but now down with my deadly cough.
This is one that I hated most.
'Cos it's gonna take me weeks or months to recover.

All well at work for the moment.
But was back-stabbed once by a senior.
Shall not dwell on it.
As it's something that I did not do.
So will not explain myself to make things worst.
Just looking forward to year end for my long break.


Posted at 12:32:51 pm by chatpolka
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dad was discharged a few days ago.
Now that he'll wheel-chaired bound.
A lot of things have to change.
First is the environment.
Furniture and his surrounding have to change to suit his movement.
Next is the dietary.
Been trying to get him to go on a healthy diet.
But still not showing much improvement in this area.
Insist that he goes on a light diet.
He still insist the maid to prepare heavy taste diet.
Like being more saltish etc.
Still complaining food taste bland when it's already saltish.
He would ask the maid for more soya sauce or seasoning.
Don't know how much more saltish he want to ruin his own health once more.

Just felt like telling him off once and for all.
And get out of that place.
I'm just loosing more of my patience.
Can understand his frustration of being wheel-chaired bound.
But who brought this upon him.
It's he himself.
Been telling him many many times but was turn on deaf ear.
Sometime he would just look blank into my face.
Pretending or just ignoring what I tried to tell him.
With him being obstinate and stubborn.
I'm getting very tired with this whole game.
Have been holding back many things that I can't pursue for his sake.
Probably it's time that I discharged myself???

Posted at 4:31:05 pm by chatpolka
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Ops Completed

The ops was completed in the early morning.
He's back to the ward.
According to the message from nurse to bro,
"Operation is successful."
Glad to hear the good new.

Was unable to visit him in the early morning.
Visited him during lunch hour.
Stepping in the ward already hearing his complaints,
"Why no one visited me this morning?"
"I was so painful and hungry this morning......" etc.
With so many complaints coming out of his mouth.
I would presume that he is much better now.

Just have to continue observing the condition,
To ensure no further deterioration or infection.

Posted at 9:17:13 pm by chatpolka
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Doc's Call

Received Doc's calls from the hospital several time.
Picking up the call just increases my heart beat.
Not knowing what's coming but expecting miracle to happen.

Ultimately, no miracle seem to happen but more worries.
Dad's condition has worsen and in the life threatening border.
If nothing is done it will threaten his life.
If something is to be done then maybe miracle may happen.
Doc's advice is to do that something to create miracle.
Try to weigh the pro and con at this crucial moment seem illogical.
Only solution is to take the only chance and option left.
No pro or con can outweigh that option.

Only option is to operate and hoping the miracle to happen.
Of course the risk and worries can only be left behind.
Was worried that Dad will not agree to it.
As he was in a drowsy state since yesterday.
He manage to regain some sense and heed Doc's advice.
Doc will prepare him tonight for his op tomorrow.

Will be praying hard for the miracle to happen.

Posted at 12:20:56 am by chatpolka
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Monday, September 10, 2007
Getting Worst

Just came back from the hospital after admitting Dad.
He's down again.
This time round seem to be worst than any other time.
He's totally unable to stand or manoveur himself.
His voice is so feeble that I can hardly hear him.
Was shivering and trembling when he's send to the emergency ward.
This is the worst scenerio that I want to think of.
But this is happening now.
I know the consequences but still maintaining a positive outlook.
Praying hard that miracles will happen.

Will be another busy period for me and the family.
Just hope that I can conserve my energy to brave through this period.

Posted at 2:06:30 am by chatpolka
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Faithful Fan Kaput

Finally, my faithful fan went kaput.
It had been faithfully serving me over the last seven years.
Although it isn't a brand new one but one being pass down.
As it has some mechanical malfunction.
Though it wasn't as perfect as a new one...
But it had serve its purpose well and even better than a new one.
Hence, it's a little sad to see it go.

            Faithful Fan                                     New Fan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting     Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway everything will come to this stage of fulfilling its final purpose.
So just have to let it go.
Old one will go and new one will take over.
The cycle just go over and over again.

Isn't it just the same as the human cycle???

Posted at 2:58:14 pm by chatpolka
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Big "Bang" Overture

Been trying to get some sleep over the last two days after my shift.
Barely sleep for three or four hours.
Now I am a Big Black Panda........ShadesShadesShades

Was awaken by the "Big Bang Overture" that's happening at the void deck.
As there's some possession going on at the void deck for the Hungry Ghost Festival.
Hence, the "Big Bang Overture" starts pretty early these two morning.
The Big Gong, Cymbal, Drum and all other instruments will fill-in.....
OMG!!!! What a "Big Bang Overture"!!!!!
It's so loud that even I tried closing all the windows and still hearing it.
Much worst -
I'm staying just high above where the "Big Bang Overture" is happening.
Now I looking much worst than the Ghost with dark eye ring.....Tongue

Not too sure how many more days of the overture going to happen?
By then I don't know what I will look like???

Posted at 1:32:42 pm by chatpolka
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Game Time...

Readers reading this entry may like to make a guess for what I'll be posting.
Where have I been?
What are those funny things?
What am I doing in below photo?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Posted at 6:23:08 am by chatpolka
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Just like to do a review of current New Shift Pattern.
It's been three months since the changed to the new shift.
Comparing the old shift and new shift does make a difference.

During the old shift time seem to be rather longer.
As it is a five days work week and the days past slower on Friday.
Due to a full working day required (13 hours).
Now with the current shift.
It's a five days work week but with an hour longer working hours daily.
But the work hours is average out without a long stretch on any day.
It's a plus......

Old shift has every Sunday as a family day for most.
Current shift a Sunday would only happen every six weeks.
For those social being it's a minus......

Old shift tends to have more earning power for most.
Current shift has gun down the earning power for most.
A plus for the company but a minus for employee who need cash.

Old shift - communication between shift is much easier.
Without having to write lots of grandmother grandfather stories.
Current shift - communication has to be documented in details,
So as not to be misunderstood by other crews taking over.
A minus for time wasted.

Old shift - less chances for people to fall sick.
As the 2nd shift does have a human lifestyle.
Current shift - more people fall sick often.
Due to the 2nd shift which extend pass 1am - very inhuman.
By the time settling down it would be 3 or 4am.
For those light sleeper - wake up early at 7 or 8am.
Or those with kids going to morning school - stay up till 5 or 6am.
In order to send them to school before retiring to a slumber.
For my case - within these 3 months I have fallen sick more often than usual.
Due to the low resisitant on 2nd shift.
A minus for health.

Old shift - people are more committed to their work.
Current shift - people tend to skive or not in the morale to work.
A minus for working morale.
(Due to poor management and worker relationship)

Old shift - company earns and project good profit.
One and a half way communication.
Current shift - company earns more but wanted to have even more.
Only one way communication now
A minus for bi-party relationship (reason as above).

It has shown to have more disadvantages than advantages.
Just wonder what will be the result of review by the management soon.
I will predict that they will say all is good.
Well - just have to wait and see.
Anyway it's not proving too be too healthy for me.
For I have fallen sick too often lately.
Even with the most cautious measure that I had taken.
I'm still prone to fall sick.
So it's time for me to review on more measures.
To prevent myself from falling sick and maintaining a good health.
Just had a check today - BP had gone up a little.
Have to watch out on that.
More ulcers in the mouth due to heatiness = bad breath.
Flu is with me most of the time and feeling lethargic at times.

Posted at 2:42:59 pm by chatpolka
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